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Tungsten Carbide Rings Wedding

wedding bandsTungsten carbide wedding rings have become amazingly popular recently, and its popularity continues to grow. Tungsten is a great choice for a men's wedding ring because of its hardness. You can run a steel file across a tungsten ring and it will not scratch the surface one bit. In fact, the steel file will become dulled from the hardness of the tungsten. This makes the wedding rings somewhat permanently polished and never needing refinishing.

Tungsten has the highest melting point of any metal in the world at 6700 degrees F, the surface temperature of the sun. It is truly the most indestructible metal that you can choose for your wedding ring. Before purchasing your ring take the time to find out what alloy is used to make the item. Tungsten can be made with carbide or with cobalt and you should stay away from cheap rings made with cobalt. Cobalt can cause a very bad skin reaction and cause the metal to corrode. The jewelry made in tungsten cobalt can also become brittle and shatter on your finger if hit by a blunt object.

A tungsten carbide ring can't be sized and when your finger size changes the ring must be completely re-made. You should choose a company that is willing to provide a reasonable sizing policy when you need adjustments made. Rokstok provides a Ring for Life program which includes lifetime sizing, lifetime loss replacement, and lifetime re-polishing if you every scratch it. If you lose the ring Rokstok will replace the ring free of charge, a small deductible will apply.

Tungsten feels rich when worn because of its luxurious weight and is known has a "heavy metal". Their densities makes it very heavy compared to platinum, titanium or palladium and it will never become bent or out of round. The metal is mined from Wolframite ore, an element symbolized by (W) on the periodic table of elements. In a raw form tungsten is very soft and doesn't get its hardness until combined with carbon and nickel. Tungsten carbide has many industrial uses and has been used in the aviation industry to make rocket engine nozzles. Other uses are for drilling and cutting because it is harder than any other metal on the planet. Although Tungsten is the hardest metal on earth you can scratch your wedding ring if it comes in contact with various abrasives made with corundum or carbide. In the event that this happens you can send your ring back to Rokstok and we'll re-finish the ring or replace it under our Ring for Life program.

There is a big misconception that Tungsten wedding ring can't be cut off or removed from your finger when there is a medical emergency. This is not true, your ring can be removed using pair of vice grips by squeezing them until the ring cracks in half. Tungsten wedding rings are not indestructible and can be chipped or cracked if hit against a blunt surface. In the unlikely event that your Rokstok ring is damaged you can send it back for a new one free of charge. A small deductible and shipping charges will apply.

Tungsten wedding rings can be adorned with gorgeous precious metals including platinum, sterling silver, 18k yellow gold, and mokume gane. The ring will not scratch easily but the precious metals will need refinishing from time to time, Rokstok will provide this service free of charge. Rokstok creates unique wedding ring styles by setting diamonds and gemstones in Tungsten.

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