Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Before You Buy Wedding Bands

From Susan Breslow Sardone,
Your Guide to Honeymoons / Romantic Travel.
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wedding bandsLong after the wedding photos are stored away, your wedding bands will remain a visible and beautiful reminder of the day you wed, the vows you took, and your enduring marriage. To ensure the shiny rings you select remain as cherished on your 50th anniversary as on your wedding day, consider these factors before you buy:

Know Your Jewelry Style
Are most of your clothes classic, contemporary, or casual? Do designer labels fill your closet? Choose a wedding-band style that complements your wardrobe, and you'll have a ring that matches your look and life-style. Well-known and talented jewelry designers creating some of the most artful rings around today include Henry Dunay, Whitney Boin, Christian Bauer, Reinstein & Ross, and Alex Sepkus.

* Top 3 Classic Wedding Bands

Decide on a Precious Metal
Gold or platinum? It might seem a simple choice, but there are things to consider if you pick gold. First there's color: Do you prefer yellow gold? White ? Or rosy-pink? Then there's the amount of gold content, which ranges from standard 14k, to finer 18k, to 22-24k (which can be too soft to hold a shape over the years). Platinum, today's "hot" metal, is more expensive and heavier than gold.

Stones or No Stones?
Diamonds and other precious stones add to the cost of a ring. If you have an engagement diamond ring, a matching diamond wedding band can be a beautiful complement. Of course, not all young couples can afford diamond bands (and most men don't care for them). You can always start out with simple gold rings -- and upgrade when an important anniversary rolls around.

* Become a Diamond Expert

Find a Jeweler You Trust
Visit a local jeweler with a good reputation to see what types of wedding bands he or she stocks. While there, ask the jeweler to measure your ring sizes. If you don't see something you like, the jeweler may be able to custom-order a design. You may be able to find good deals and a wider range of designs from online jewelers.

Matching or Not?
Today most couples select rings that either match or have common elements. Typically a woman's wedding band is smaller in size but a few millimeters taller than a man's. Couples with different tastes can find common ground in rings of the same metal, but not necessarily the same design. Whatever beautiful style you ultimately decide on, wear it proudly and for a lifetime.

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