Thursday, March 20, 2008

Do You Want To Build Your Own Engagement Ring ?

Author: Tobias Riepe

wedding bandsIf you answered "yes" to this question or are interested about diamond jewelry, then you might want to read on. It is very easy to build your own engagement ring online. Basically, what you do is choosing a ring and add a diamond to it. Then of course you will have to propose and show the unique gift you created for her.

Concerning the ring many styles are available, from a Solitaire ring to a Pavé setting full of little diamonds around the center one, this will be your decision. Plus, some online stores give you the possibility to see how it will look like when the diamond will be mounted on the ring, and even how it looks on a finger.

The three metals you can choose from to design your own engagement ring are Platinum, Yellow Gold and White Gold. White metals became more popular as they reflect more light as Yellow Gold. This, of course, enhance the brilliance and sparkling of the diamond.

The diamond, let's talk about that, this is the most important piece of the engagement ring. Well Important here means the most expensive. But a beautiful diamonds is not necessarily perfect. A perfect diamond, would be ideally cut, colorless and flawless. These diamonds are very rare, so you need to find a compromise between these criterias.

Don't worry, the imperfections of a diamond are only visible by an experienced eye, and under magnification. Nobody could notice slight flaws if they are not experts.

So are you ready to engage ? Then why not design a unique jewel and build your own engagement ring.

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